This is what clients say about us:

The Hype

"Thank you Keith. Bethan had an awesome time in your group and keeps asking me to book you up for next year. Once we have accomodation sorted we will be in touch, many thanks"   HUW.W

"My daughter and I had two, three hour lessons with Keith in April 2019. Main purpose was to build confidence for my 14 year old daughter who had only been boarding for a couple of seasons. We got that plus so much more, our style improved, we achieved better results for less effort, we were encouraged to take risks which ultimately led to us having more fun playing on the slopes and doing the snowpark. I would go back to that resort just for the snowboarding lessons. Awesome work, well done."   LISA.M

"My son found Keith a very engaging instructor who put him at ease and was able to help him significantly improve his snowboarding technique over just a couple of two hour lessons. My son felt that Keith's years of experience and knowledge of the resort really helped him in helping him improve. I'd thoroughly recommend Keith to anyone."   GARETH.N

"Keith has been an absolutely brilliant teacher. My 15 yr old daughter went from never being in a snowboard to making her way down a few black runs under Keith's teaching. Keith is fun, relaxed and inspirational. We would highly recommend him to everyone. Thanks Keith for a fantastic holiday."      VICTORIA.B   

"Booked and off piste week as my first backcountry snowboarding experience and I was not disappointed. Keith was our guide and excellent providing all necessary safety info and very knowledgeable of the area getting us into the quiet spots and areas of untracked powder, even though we didn't get any snowfall. Hopefully be back next year for a split board introduction week! Thanks for a belter of a week."    JORDAN.M

"Brilliant instructor who converted me from skiing! Having never snowboarded before I booked in 2 lessons with Keith. By the end of the second lesson (4hrs in total) I was zipping down blue runs and enjoying it. I'd recommend Keith to any beginners who want to learn good riding habits."        FELIX.P

"Hi Keith. Just wanted to say thanks so much this week, for all the patience and encouragement. Deffo I'll book you for lessons every day next time! Sad to leave!"    LUCI.P

"Had a lesson with Keith and my cynical partner who after 4 days of riding thought he knew all there was to know about snowboarding. After dragging him along he was absorbing everything Keith unleashed on us (a fair bit of 'pushing the bush....') and two days later we went down descent from the glacier & he aced it. Well worth it!"  TANSY.D

"Keith is a genius and an excellent teacher. I had the joy of sharing a 2hr lesson with him and a friend of mine. I have been riding for 24 years and I have had lessons for most of that time. He was very quickly able to spot some issues to tweek. His guidance worked beautifully and my riding style and technique improved almost immediately. Thanks Keith!!!!"   ADAM

"Our daughters (9 and 12) were with Keith for 6 mornings snowboarding lessons in Tignes. They also had tuition from Keith last year and had a great time so we re- booked this year. They had a brilliant time again and we really appreciated the way in which Keith worked with them both as they progressed at quite different rates. We would absolutely recommend Keith"   ASIF

"Having had beginner lessons in the UK I was struggling with being out on the slopes, Keith watched me for about 45 seconds and then instantly started working with me. By the end of just 2 hours I was snowboarding (still beginner level) with confidence and making linked turns and now actually enjoying what I'm doing rather than falling over all the time! Would recommend 100000000%"   JAMIE.H

"Spent four mornings with Keith this January in our first visit to Tignes. Having had a couple of weeks on the slopes before, including some lessons, without hesitation we can say these were the most valuable lessons we had. Keith very quickly assessed and started working on some of our bad habits while being patient and providing a fun mornings work."   LINDSEY.C 

"Spent a morning with Keith for some guided off piste. Found the best snow I've ever ridden! All the hard work of the climb was rewarded with the first turn in untouched powder. Keith was patient, extremely knowledgeable and fun to hang out with, highly recommended!"     PAUL.E

"Keith was a fantastic instructor and really helped us both improve! We've been snowboarding a few times with some previous dodgy group tuition, but a few sessions with Keith really improved both our control and technique, and allowed us to really enjoy the mountains. Keith is an experienced teacher , who gave clear explanations, great critique of what we were doing, and really helped us both. Thanks!"  JAMIE & OWAIN

"Had 3 half days of private snowboard lessons with Keith. Have previously had lessons with other instructors before but Keith blew them out of the water. He was incredibly thorough in his explanations and provided very specific and useful tips on how to improve my riding. Gave me a different perspective on riding and gave me a good toolkit to improve my technique. Highly recommended!"    FRANCIS.P

"Thanks so much for your coaching and confidence boost. Gen you have a wicked style of coaching!"  ROO.B

"The coaching is amazing (we saw massive progress in just a few lessons). Most importantly, her instructor, Keith, made lessons really fun for her and she couldn't wait to get out boarding every morning!"  HELEN.R

"We booked Keith for a quick refresher for our 8 year old boarder. He came back from the lesson so enthused, raring to get back up the mountain and was so positive about both the lesson and Keith. A1 and will definitely book again given the opportunity."  TIM.J

"After just 3 lessons our kids were doing reds and blues with amazing confidence and ability. They had a blast too!"   RACHEL.D

"Fantastic lesson today with Keith in Tignes, top notch instruction that changed our riding immediately, delivered in a friendly and easy way. We are making it part of our holidays from now on to book at least 1 lesson. Thanks Keith"  HELEN.B

"Had 9 hours over 4 days with Keith @ Tignes and it was brilliant.
My partner and I were complete novices on a Snowboard, Keith was patient and clear with instructions but also pushed us to get better. Keith is clearly passionate about snowboarding and developed the lessons to match our pace."  CHRIS.F

"I have just returned home from a week in Tignes, this was my 4th trip to the area and whilst having had lessons previously with a different French company I wasn't at all confident in my ability to snowboard. I booked 4 days of lessons with Keith which took me right back to the beginning and taught me to think about how to board in a different way than I had been taught before. Whilst this was a little daunting at first, I quickly realised that what Keith was explaining about boarding totally made sense - for the first time ever! After my week I now feel like a competent and happy boarder, who isn't spending all of their time worried about falling over. Keith was amazing and I cannot thank him enough for the few days in Tignes, Keith was knowledgeable, friendly, patient, encouraging, but still pushed me enough on difficult runs to progress over the 4 days. So much so that on the last day of my holiday I was lesson free and due to my ability (and confidence) I was out all day on the slopes and covered a huge distance and had the best time ever, this was something I hadn't done before and it was all thanks to Keith. I am looking forward to going back to Tignes again next year and I will definitely be booking more lessons to continue to improve. Thanks Keith you are an absolute star and I will see you next year!"  AISLING.M

"I have just spent a week in Tignes and was keen for some freestyle lessons...... before I got too old and scared !! I had 4 days of 2 hr lessons with Keith and it was amazing. Such a great instructor, putting everything into really simple, well explained terms and increasing my confidence levels. I would highly recommend Keith. Thanks a million Dude !!! I will definitely be back for more lessons in the future." IAN.S

"Thanks for today, really enjoyed it." LIAM.D

"Thanks for a cracking day! Hope to see you again on another trip!" CATHY.H

"WARNING don't go on this trip! Your life will be ruined, you'll never want to go back to the real world again!! Top instructors, great location, Dragon lodge is perfect." JON.P

"Trip was off the scale cool. Smartly put together adventure with exceptionally well explained tuition that has without question improved my riding. On top of this the Dragon lodge was a great place to put us with food and company to match. Thanks again & can’t wait until next time" TYRON.D

"Had an awesome time on my lessons - complete novice at snowboarding, enjoyed every second, laughed and learned  a lot. Great coaching "   LUCY.H

"Yeah was so fun, had a really great morning" GEORGINA.B

"Looking forward to booking again in the future, that was an awesome session!"   TIM.S

"Just attended a great freestyle workshop run by Keith Wood who helped me to progress onto board slides and huge air indie grabs. Keith is highly articulate and able to convey the subtleties very accurately in order to rapidly accelerate improvement. He has very detailed observation and can spot the minor riding errors that need attending on an individual basis within a group session; he gives every rider bespoke analysis and feedback. He also videos your tricks and provides video analysis. On top of that he's a good bloke and very encouraging. Will book again!"  VINCE.H

"Great instructor ... great day .... would recommend Keith"   RONALD.T

"Thanks for all your instruction and support to get me to that level!!   STEVE.M

"Thanks so much for a wonderful few days. We had a great time and it was great to receive both positive and negative feedback that improved our riding so much. It was so much fun to spend time with you and you even managed to make a horrendous weather day with very poor snow conditions into a fun day that again improved our riding over all types of terrain. Thanks again, I can't speak highly enough of you and spreading the word to my friends. " DALEY.M & JOEY. G

"Thanks for coaching, Friday was good" DAN.B

"Cheers for yesterday pal, great instruction." Feel like I learned more in 4 hours than in the past 5 years"  TOM.L

"Thanks Keith, that was great. Sam was excitedly telling his Mum all about his progress this morning. I would like to book you again same time Wednesday"   TIM.P

"Thank you Keith for your time and help! It was a great session"  EMILY.B

"Thanks so much for your wise words, coaching and patience over the last few weeks"   ALEX.K

 "It was a great lesson today. I sort of knew what I was doing wrong but it’s nice to get a professional perspective. You gave me a lot of information to digest and I will be practicing your techniques from now on and look forward to our next lesson"  JOHN.M

"Thanks so much for the coaching last week, I do not think I would have got to the level I did with anyone else coaching me !!"   CASSIE.C

"Spending a few days being guided around Tignes by Keith turned a great holiday into an awesome holiday. His local knowledge meant he got me off the ‘tourist trail’ and into the back country for some amazing, fresh off-piste unridden powder that nobody without local knowledge would have found. He always gave clear direction which meant I felt safe and in control at all times. He was also great at giving riding tips and even got me rail-sliding in the park. All round a really great experience that I can thoroughly recommend!"   PAUL.N

"The best snowboarding tutoring out there by a mile! Thanks Lift Ticket!" JON.P 

"The whole process with Lift Ticket has been faultless. Really friendly, professional service right through from booking, payment and the lesson. I feel that I got loads out of my lesson, lots of fab pointers on improving my technique which will in turn increase my confidence. I will definitely recommend Lift Ticket to all my friends and hope to have another lesson very soon! Many thanks again for your patient teaching!"   LUCY.O  

"Just to say, Keith was amazing" GLYN.T